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The Secure Media Library with Digital Signage for Primary Schools

Media Pod is a Secure Media Library that supports childrens' development through video based learning and also engages parents and the entire school community with wonderful digital signage, to showcase classwork, activities, school news and more...

For Teachers...

Media Pod is fun to use in the classroom - it’s fast, simple and works on tablets, desktops and interactive whiteboards.

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Secure Platform

Media Pod is the first Secure Media Library specifically designed to support the delivery of video based learning in primary schools - it creates a safe and fun environment to store and share your school’s media content securely, including videos, documents and photographs.

Media Pod also lets you use YouTube videos safely and securely. Only the videos teachers select are available and there are no YouTube user comments or distracting links to other items - you can even categorise them with your other videos.

Safe Environment

Today’s young generation engage instinctively with digital content and it is a natural progression to harness the power of media within teaching and learning. Social video platforms are too risky for school use, exposing children to unsuitable content, comments, and unwelcome distractions. Media Pod is a safe and controlled platform that provides the perfect solution.

Digital Content to Support the Curriculum

With Media Pod you can browse a huge library of educationally relevant television and radio programmes, including the complete BBC Digital and Shakespeare Archives, and add them to your Media Pod.

Engaging Learning Resources

Media Pod’s fantastic creative toolset enables you to easily integrate your content as part of curricular learning resources. You can…

  • Edit Videos
  • Add Chapters to Videos
  • Annotate Videos with Comments
  • Create Curricular Playlists
  • Make Photo Albums
  • Create Video Based Quizzes
  • Share Content Easily with Parents
Fun Activities

You can create your own great quizzes around any video content in your Media Pod and set learning activities to be completed in class or at home to test knowledge and track progress.


Encourage positive behaviour and recognise success by broadcasting activities to TV screens in the school, showcasing their work and rewarding childrens' achievements.

Hidden Learning

Use Media Pod to maximise hidden learning opportunities. Set creative tasks involving video - the prospect of children being able to see themselves on screen will prove exciting and motivational. Along the way many learning outcomes can be met in the preparations, research and delivery of the task.

For the Class...

Fun and Engaging Learning

Children can have a fun and engaging learning experience watching curriculum related media, either in the classroom or at home with parents. Media Pod helps reinforce their learning and brings subjects to life, all within a secure and safe environment.

Supporting Creativity

Media Pod is a safe platform for children to upload videos they have created in class - they can also develop digital literacy skills by editing and sharing their content with others.

Simple and Familiar Technology

Media Pod offers a very simple and exciting experience for children with fantastic and friendly characters that they can relate to. Interacting with Media Pod builds on the natural digital skills they are exposed to in their everyday life, but maximises engagement to support their educational outcomes.

Celebrate Success

Easily reward good work and positive behaviour by showcasing childrens' videos that are uploaded to Media Pod instantly, either front of class on your interactive whiteboard or throughout the school on digital signage screens.

Developing Soft Skills

All children have the opportunity to shine and take ownership of their creative content, working individually or collaboratively as a group, developing their soft skills in the process.

Media Pod Brains

For the Whole School...

Media Pod Purple
Build Your Own School 'YouTube'

Bring all of your school’s great videos and photographs including, digital classwork, school productions, school trips and events, together in one central and secure place. Media Pod enables you to access these on demand and share them easily with the whole school community, including parents.

Parental and Visitor Engagement

Deliver key messages and showcase student work though Media Pod’s engaging digital signage, that is easy to use and helps you make a real impact across the whole school community by driving a positive school culture.

Supporting Digital Learning Objectives

Media Pod integrates easily with the contemporary classroom, providing the tools to support evolving digital learning objectives across the entire school. Easy access to age relevant and suitable media to support teaching and learning, on demand from tablets, desktops and interactive whiteboards, makes Media Pod a great asset for teachers, children and parents.

Simple Whole School Setup

Media Pod is a cloud solution - this removes the need for dedicated technicians to manage the service. The friendly user interface makes the solution easy to use in class with the children and simple for screen designs around the school to be changed in moments.

Media Pod is available under annual subscription for all educational organisations within Europe.

Please note that advertised access to educational content from the BBC or any other broadcast source via the Media Pod Connect service is only available to UK educational organisations under the ERA Licensing scheme. Any customers outside of the UK region will be able to enjoy all other features offered, but are not eligible for access to this feature on their Media Pod platform.

For further information on the ERA licensing scheme please follow this link;http://era.org.uk/licence-updates/era-updates-schedule-terms-era-licences-reflect-new-member