The Secure Media Library with Digital Signage for Primary Schools

Secure Media Library for Schools

What can you use Media Pod for?

Media Pod is a simple to use platform that enables schools to create a secure media library, letting them easily manage and share their videos and photos. Media delivery and management for schools has never been so simple:

  • Children and teachers can easily upload their videos to Media Pod using any device
  • Media Pod converts uploaded videos so they can be viewed on any device
  • Teachers can share content securely with one another, students and even parents
  • Teachers can add their favourite YouTube clips to Media Pod for safe viewing by children
  • Children’s work can be safely stored and shared with parents
  • Categorise and organise school media into subject pods, school pods and parent pods
  • Teachers can create edits, chapters and interactive quizzes using the videos they have added
  • Photos and videos of key school events can be easily be archived and shared with parents
  • User profiles enable schools to control what media is available to children and parents

Our Year 6 children recently created some online safety 'infomercials' which they then uploaded to Media Pod to share with the younger children in our school. They were then also able to use Media Pod's built in quiz function to turn their videos into interactive resources. Matt Holt, Birkenshaw Primary School

How Does it Work?

Media Pod hosted from our cloud platform, the Media Pod team get everything ready for you, all you need to do is logon...

  • Decide what class or parent pods you would like to organise media
  • Teachers and children upload their media - this can be either photos or videos
  • Teachers can edit videos, create chapters and design interactive quizzes
  • Share videos and photos with the whole school community, including parents, and display on Media Pod’s digital signage
  • Add users using Media Pod’s simple import tool

Key Features of Media Pod

  • A simple interface for ease of use, meaning children of all ages can benefit from Media Pod
  • Secure platform that is unique to your school
  • Compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets and whiteboards
  • Teachers and children can access Media Pod from home
  • Management tools to control features that users can access
  • ‘Staff Only’ options for all media types
  • Send secure email links to teachers, children and parents
  • Embed your videos into other platforms such as websites and VLEs
  • Allow controlled parent access to your school media library through the parent pod
  • Built in video editing tool
  • Teachers can add quiz style questions to any video and view their children’s answers
  • Break any video into key sections using Media Pod's chapter tool
  • Media Pod provides access to broadcast education videos for teachers to browse and add to the school media library, to assist with teaching
  • All media added by teachers or children can be sent directly to digital signage at the click of a button

Signage templates included as standard

Over 500 hours of Media Storage as standard

Unlimited FREE webinar training sessions

Why is Media Pod a great solution for Primary Schools?
Simple to Setup
Simple to use

One of the great things about Media Pod is that it is incredibly simple for both teachers and children to use. It also works across standard computers, tablets and whiteboards, for use in the classroom and from home.

Media Pod is affordable

Media Pod prices start from £275 ex. VAT per year and include enough storage to hold over 500 hours of video!

Quick and easy to use
A great tool to share

Media Pod puts all your school's media in one place - this makes distributing and sharing with the whole school community easy and straightforward. Share your content with: Web Links / Embed into other platforms or websites / Digital Signage / Secure parent links

Safe access to video content for schools

A lot of schools currently limit access to video, in particular YouTube. This is due to past incidents where children have be exposed to inappropriate content and comments, which is common with most social video platforms. Media Pod provides safe access to your own videos and any YouTube content that you choose by removing the comments and distracting links to other potentially harmful video content.

What can Media Pod Offer your School?

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