Creating a Screen Design and Sending to a Screen

Use the screen designer to quickly and easily create your own designs to display on signage screens around your school.

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Creating a Screen Design

In the screen designer window, create a screen design using the Create button. Give the screen design a name, for example "Year 3 Screen", and then click Create.

Set a background for the screen design by choosing a colour with the Colour button, or upload your own background image with the Upload button. You can also select an image that has already been uploaded to Media Pod.

There are many different features you can add to a screen design using the various buttons in the editor, including videos, photos, a message board and more.

Use the Video button to open the video search window. Enter your search term into the search bar and click on the magnifying glass.

Select a Video to Add to Signage

Click the + icon to add the video to the screen designer. You can now click and hold on the video panel to move it around the designer, or click and hold one of the panel corners to resize it.

You can add one video at a time to each design, but feel free to add extra panels such as message boards and position them however you wish.

Design your Screen

When you're finished, click the Save button to save the screen design.

Sending a Screen Design to a Screen

In the screen designer window, first open a screen design using the Open button.

To send this screen design to a player, click the Schedule button to open the Schedule Screen window.

How to Schedule Signage Content

The Schedule Screen window has a few different options. First, select which screens to send the content to. You can then choose one of the following options:

Set as Default: Sets the content to be the default content for the selected screens. This means that unless other content is scheduled, the screen will always show what you selected.

Show now: Instantly displays the content on the selected screens for the period of time selected below.

Show at: Shows your content on the selected screens for a period of time specified below.

Click Confirm when you are happy with your choices.

How to Schedule Signage Content