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Media Pod Digital Signage

What can you use Media Pod Digital Signage for?

Media Pod digital signage enables schools to turn televisions or displays into digital noticeboards. It is then easy to create engaging screen designs that include school videos, pictures, messages, logos and Twitter feeds. Digital signage is an incredible effective solution for schools to:

  • Increase engagement with the whole school community
  • Communicate information about school events, clubs and activities
  • Reward, celebrate and share pupil achievement by showcasing work
  • Show pictures from key school events, such as shows and school trips
  • Welcome visitors and instruct them on school safety and security policies
  • Introduce a school TV channel that showcases all school videos
  • Display lunch menus
How Does It Work?

Media Pod Digital Signage is simple to set up and easy to use. It is a cloud platform so the Media Pod team get everything ready for you - all you need to do is install a PodPlayer(s)* and get creating.

Step 1 Media Pod Digital Signage
Add your Media

Using Media Pod’s simple upload tools, students and teachers can add their videos and photos from any device.

Step 2 Media Pod Digital Signage
Design your screen

Create engaging designs with videos, pictures, logos, RSS feeds, Twitter feeds and more.

Step 3 Media Pod Digital Signage

Send screen designs to any TV with an installed PodPlayer. Teachers can also reward achievement immediately by sending pupils' videos and pictures directly to a screen, at the click of a button.

*Installing a PodPlayer couldn’t be easier - each PodPlayer needs to be connected to the internet and then plugged into the HDMI port on your TV or display. They arrive preconfigured for your school’s Media Pod so once they are online they will work immediately.

Key Features of Media Pod Digital Signage

  • Instantly send a video to any of your screens at the click of a button.
  • Integrated school message Board - deliver message updates instantaneously and schedule key messages to display at certain dates and times.
  • The simple screen creator tool makes designing screens quick and easy
  • Simple scheduling makes sure your signage is always on
  • Upload all of your schools' videos and pictures, including digital classwork, to one central location and share them on your digital signage displays
  • Media Pod’s user profiles enables schools to control who can create and edit digital signage
  • All your data is held securely and backed up on Microsoft Azure cloud servers so you can access your content from anywhere

Signage templates included as standard

Over 500 hours of Media Storage as standard

Unlimited FREE webinar training sessions

Media Pod is a product we didn't realise how much we needed, until we started using it! Now it has become an invaluable repository for all our 'home grown' movies as well as the 'go to' resource for online video content. The beauty of Media Pod is the simple, clear interface. Children as young as Year 2 can easily upload their movie creations, usually from an iPad, with very little adult intervention. Matt Holt, Birkenshaw Primary School

Why is Media Pod Digital Signage a great solution for Primary Schools?
Simple to Setup
Simple to set up

One of the great things about Media Pod is that you can turn any television with an HDMI connection into a digital signage screen with simple to install and preconfigured PodPlayers.

Media Pod is affordable

The all-inclusive licence means annual subscription costs stay the same no matter how many screens you have and our PodPlayers are easy to install, which removes the requirement for expensive installation services. A Media Pod licence starts at £750 ex. VAT - click here for more information on pricing.

Quick and easy to use
Quick and easy to use

Media Pod’s interface is simple and designed to be used by both teachers and children and can be accessed from anywhere using both desktop computers and tablets. Users can create their own screen designs in minutes, or take advantage of built in screen templates.


With Media Pod there is no licence charge per screen, so you can grow your signage provision without an increase in licence cost.

What can Media Pod Offer your School?

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